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Scheduled Time Arrival Flight No. Airline Terminal Departure Exit Luggage Claim Status
04:00 AC6603 CA998 AIR CANADA T3 Vancouver B 40 Arrived at 04:54
11:35 AC6611 CA4137 AIR CANADA T3 Chongqing A 31 Arrived at 11:02
12:45 AC6615 CA4107 AIR CANADA T3 Chengdu A 31 Arrived at 12:27
12:50 AC6624 CA1652 AIR CANADA T3 Shenyang C 46 Arrived at 12:49
13:40 AC6613 CA985 AIR CANADA T3 Chongqing 31 Arrived at 13:14
13:40 AC6607 CA1330 AIR CANADA T3 Guangzhou C 49 Arrived at 13:32
14:10 AC029 AIR CANADA T3 Vancouver B 37 Arrived at 13:39
14:45 AC6617 CA1406 AIR CANADA T3 Chengdu C 49 Arrived at 14:16
15:30 AC6601 CA992 AIR CANADA T3 Vancouver B 41 Arrived at 15:47
15:40 AC6609 CA1352 AIR CANADA T3 Guangzhou C 46 Arrived at 15:14
16:05 AC031 AIR CANADA T3 Toronto B 37 Arrived at 15:40
17:50 AC6627 CA880 AIR CANADA T3 Montreal B 40 Arrived at 18:23
22:25 AC6629 CA1236 AIR CANADA T3 Xi’an C 47 Arrived at 22:28
23:15 AC6619 CA1408 AIR CANADA T3 Chengdu C 49 Est. Arrival in 23:21

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