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Scheduled Time Leaving Flight No. Airline Terminal Destination Check-in Counter Boarding Gate Status
00:10 CA5231 TK21 AIR CHINA T3 Istanbul D23-D32 E35 Dep at 00:31
00:10 CA5061 ET605 AIR CHINA T3 Addis Ababa B11-B18 E13 Dep at 00:57
00:10 CA975 AIR CHINA T3 Singapore H23 E57 Dep at 00:25
00:45 CA1083 AIR CHINA T2 Nanjing 44 Dep at 01:00
00:55 CA907 AIR CHINA T3 Sao Paulo Madrid H25 E10 Dep at 01:04
01:05 CA783 AIR CHINA T3 Auckland H19 E60 Dep at 01:47
01:05 CA165 AIR CHINA T3 Melbourne H26 E23 Dep at 01:23
01:25 CA741 AIR CHINA T3 Hanoi H18 E19 Dep at 01:35
01:30 CA949 AIR CHINA T3 Milan H20 E52 Dep at 01:56
01:50 CA963 AIR CHINA T3 Dusseldorf H21 E36 Dep at 02:48
01:50 CA837 AIR CHINA T3 Honolulu H26 E14 Dep at 02:05
02:00 CA961 AIR CHINA T3 Munich H27 E28 Dep at 02:08
02:05 CA875 AIR CHINA T3 Paris H29 E31 Dep at 02:12
02:30 CA845 AIR CHINA T3 Barcelona H23 E53 Dep at 02:53
02:30 CA965 AIR CHINA T3 Frankfurt H30 E09 Dep at 02:43
02:55 CA877 AIR CHINA T3 Copenhagen H22 E13 Dep at 03:01
03:30 CA6537 KA997 AIR CHINA T3 Hong Kong C25-C32 E12 Dep at 03:29
06:00 CA1109 AIR CHINA T3 Xilinhot J C33 Dep at 06:05
06:05 CA1111 AIR CHINA T3 Hohhot J C17 Dep at 06:13
06:05 CA1131 AIR CHINA T3 Hailar J C06 Dep at 06:16

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