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Scheduled Time Arrival Flight No. Airline Terminal Departure Exit Luggage Claim Status
00:05 HU7128 CN7128 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Harbin Domestic 23 Arrived at 00:12
00:25 HU7184 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Dalian Domestic 20 Arrived at 01:33
00:30 HU7610A HU7610 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Shanghai Pudong Domestic 21 Arrived at 01:26
00:30 HU7610 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Shanghai Pudong Domestic 21 Arrived at 01:26
00:40 HU7116 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Manzhouli Domestic 19 Arrived at 00:21
00:55 HU7702 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Shenzhen Domestic 22 Arrived at 02:12
00:55 HU7738 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Xi’an Domestic 18 Arrived at 01:25
00:55 HU7288 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Yulin Domestic 22 Arrived at 00:51
00:55 HU7232 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Lanzhou Domestic 22 Arrived at 01:28
01:05 HU7240 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Xining Domestic 23 Arrived at 01:02
01:10 HU7176 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Hohhot Domestic 20 Arrived at 01:10
01:15 HU7810 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Guangzhou Domestic 18 Arrived at 01:44
01:20 HU7612 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Changzhi Domestic 21 Arrived at 00:48
01:35 HU7102 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T1 Hailar Domestic 23 Arrived at 01:29
04:45 HU7920 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T2 Haneda International 06 Est. Arrival in 04:50
05:00 HU7958 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T2 Tel Aviv International 08 Est. Arrival in 05:10
05:05 HU8618 S7873 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T3 Novosibirsk B 38 Est. Arrival in 04:41
05:25 HU7904 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T2 Manchester International 06 Est. Arrival in 04:44
05:30 HU492 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T2 Brussels International 06 Est. Arrival in 05:36
06:20 HU7930 HAINAN AIRLINES-HU T2 Phuket International 08 Est. Arrival in 06:06

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