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Scheduled Time Arrival Flight No. Airline Terminal Departure Exit Luggage Claim Status
15:55 LY8308 CA1848 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Nanjing C 49 Arrived at 15:45
18:30 LY8304 CA1709 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Hangzhou A 33 Arrived at 18:26
18:45 LY8312 CA4105 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Chengdu C 47 Arrived at 18:20
19:05 LY8306 CA1884 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Shanghai Pudong C 49 Arrived at 18:58
19:15 LY8302 CA1562 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Nanjing C 47 Arrived at 19:01
19:45 LY8310 CA4117 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Chengdu A 33 Arrived at 19:24
20:25 LY8300 CA1715 EL AL-ISRAEL AIRLINES T3 Hangzhou A 32 Arrived at 20:15

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