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Scheduled Time Leaving Flight No. Airline Terminal Destination Check-in Counter Boarding Gate Status
01:50 UA7595 CA837 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Honolulu H26 E12 Dep at 05:52
06:40 UA7545 CA1621 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Harbin K05-K14 C07 Dep at 08:37
06:55 UA7449 CA1207 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Xining K05-K14 D02 Dep at 07:53
07:05 UA7428 CA1145 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Taiyuan K05-K14 C29 Dep at 07:14
07:25 UA7424 CA1451 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Mianyang K05-K14 C51 Dep at 10:25
07:40 UA7454 CA1369 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Sanya J C03 Dep at 08:15
07:55 UA7617 CA984 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Shenzhen Cancelled
08:15 UA7455 CA1361 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Haikou K05-K14 D55 Dep at 12:47
08:40 UA7453 CA1859 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Liuzhou K05-K14 C26 Dep at 09:45
08:45 UA7442 CA1213 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Yinchuan Cancelled
09:25 UA7460 CA1239 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Lanzhou J C22 Dep at 12:03
10:25 UA7425 CA1453 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Mianyang J C10 Dep at 13:19
12:00 UA7593 CA887 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Los Angeles J11 E16 Dep at 12:37
12:00 UA889 UNITED AIRLINES T3 San Francisco D01-D16 E32 Dep at 13:56
12:45 UA7603 CA817 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Washington J09 E11 Dep at 15:18
13:00 UA7610 CA981 UNITED AIRLINES T3 New York J12 E51 Dep at 16:43
13:25 UA7443 CA1219 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Yinchuan K05-K14 C19 Dep at 14:07
14:05 UA7456 CA1355 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Haikou Cancelled
14:10 UA7431 CA1353 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Sanya K05-K14 C58 Gate Closed
14:55 UA7543 CA1341 UNITED AIRLINES T3 Guilin K05-K14 D05 Gate Closed

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