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Scheduled Time Leaving Flight No. Airline Terminal Destination Check-in Counter Boarding Gate Status
00:25 CZ6132 CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES T2 Dalian Cancel
00:25 MU3079 CZ6132 CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES T2 Dalian Cancel
00:25 MF1874 CZ6132 XIAMEN AIRLINES T2 Dalian Cancel
00:45 8Y9045 CHINA POSTAL AIRLINES T2 Nanjing 59 Dep at 01:23
00:55 GJ8715 T2 Shenzhen 60 Dep at 02:30
02:00 ZH4928 CA945 SHENZHEN AIRLINES T3 Chengdu K01-K14 C51 Dep at 02:45
02:00 CA945 AIR CHINA T3 Chengdu K01-K14 C51 Dep at 02:45
02:00 CA1042 AIR CHINA T2 Shanghai Pudong 59 Dep at 04:10
02:15 8Y9085 CHINA POSTAL AIRLINES T2 Guangzhou 56 Dep at 03:43
03:00 8Y9021 CHINA POSTAL AIRLINES T2 Shanghai Pudong 55 Dep at 06:09
03:10 O36865 SF AIRLINES T2 Hangzhou 60 Dep at 06:01
04:40 Y87980 YANGZI T2 Guangzhou 60 Dep at 06:30
04:40 Y87968 YANGZI T2 Shenzhen 56 Dep at 08:40
05:30 O36876 SF AIRLINES T2 Shenzhen 56 Dep at 07:13
06:00 O36878 SF AIRLINES T2 Shanghai Pudong 55 Dep at 07:27
06:00 CA1095 AIR CHINA T2 Tianjin 54 Dep at 06:13
06:10 Y87932 YANGZI T2 Hangzhou 55 Dep at 06:28
06:15 8L9988 LUCKY AIR T1 Kunming K A04 Dep at 11:44
06:20 JD223 BEIJING CAPITAL AIRLINES T1 Shanghai Hongqiao A17 Dep at 06:58
06:20 CA1103 AIR CHINA T3 Hohhot K01-K14 C61 Dep at 06:39






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