Legal Notice

Law Statement

The users shall carefully read the following clauses prior to logging on the website of Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter simplified as BCIA website). And logging on the BCIA website means that the users has known and accepted these clauses.

Copyright Statement

All the contents on the BCIA website, including text report, image, audio, video, chart, mark, logo, advertisement, brand, domain name, software, program, web pages design, column catalogue and title, content classification and etc., shall be protect by the laws related to copyright, brand right, patent in The Copyright Law of People's Republic of China, The Brand Law of People's Republic of China, The Patent Law of People's Republic of China, and other international laws, and the rights shall be owned by BCIA. If the user put the content and service provided by the BCIA website into the non-commercial purpose, and the non-profit, non-advertisement and the personal consumption purpose, it is not allowed to infringe the BCIA website rights. If the user put the content and service provided by the BCIA website into the commercial purpose, and the purposes with profit and advertisement, it shall be authorized in written form by the BCIA website, and the fee on copyright shall be paid in accordance with the related international laws and the related rules and regulations in the laws of People's of Republic of China. Without authorization, anyone shall not change, issue, broadcast, copy, transcript, distribute, perform, or make use of the content or service provided by the BCIA website, and any above activity shall be looked as breach of the rights with the responsibility of the law liability.

Exception Statement

Except the statement by the BCIA website, all the suddenness, neglect, agreement invalidation, slander, virus, copyright, or other intellectual rights and its loss caused by logging on the website or other website or web pages linked with the website, BCIA website shall not bear the liability. And your logging on the BCIA website shall not breach any rules and regulations, the laws, and the public morality, and it is not permitted in BCIA website to send or mail any illegal, threat, slander, vilification, bawdry, erotic or other materials which is possible to breach the laws.

The Statement for protecting the personal information and privacy rights

BCIA shall not hope to receive any privacy or exclusive secrets you send by this website. Except the personal identification information, any materials, information, or contact ways (hereinafter as information) you send or mail shall be seen as no privacy and no exclusive information. BCIA shall be not responsible for all this information. If your submission is not announced specially, it shall be seen as agreement (or authorization): BCIA and its authorized party shall copy, discover, distribute, combine, and use this information and all the data, images, audio, texts and other information by other means with the commercial or non-commercial aim. If the related persons propose the alarm or dissent with evidence over the information content and effect, BCIA website shall delete this information at any time or stop the browse the information on the website without time limit, and this action shall not be permitted at first, the website shall not have the responsibility to inform the person to submit the information, if it is seriously concerned, BCIA website shall make the action to logout the user.

The statement for the law adaptability and right of jurisdiction

All the arguments caused by this statement or during the logging on the website shall be suitable for the laws of People's Republic of China.

All the arguments caused by this statement or during the logging on the website shall been solved with negotiation, and Shunyi District Court of Beijing shall be responsible for the lawsuit if the negotiation shall not make effect. And Beijing Capital International Airport Inc. shall own the right to explain the statement and the logging on the website.