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Domestic Departures

Passenger Procedure Domestic Departure from T1

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STEP1:Checking in & Getting Boarding Pass

STEP2:Check-in Luggage

STEP3:Security Check

STEP4:Waiting & Boarding


Confirming Terminal Building:

Please confirm the terminal building with the airport or the airline you fly with in advance.

Confirming Check-in Counter:

Please check flight information screens for the check-in counter of your flight and other information before you check in.


Please use the e-ticket check-in machine if necessary.


Check-in Luggage:

Please check in at the corresponding check-in counter with flight ticket and valid ID; check your luggage and obtain boarding pass.

Restrictions on Carry-on Luggage:

Total weight of carry-on luggage should be within 5kg. The size of each luggage should be within 20 x 40 x 55cm. (Be aware that some airlines may have their own size or weight restrictions.)

If the luggage fits in the hand luggage measuring container on the security checkpoint, it can be carried along with the passenger. Otherwise, it needs to be checked.

Restrictions on Free Check-in Luggage

First Class—40kg; Business Class—30kg; Economy Class—20kg.


Security Check:

Please make sure that your boarding pass, flight ticket and passport are ready for security checks. You are required to pass through the security gate, while your carry-on luggage has to go through X-ray checks for flight safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

Provisions on Liquids for Domestic Flights?

1. Except a small amount of cosmetics for personal use on your journey, passengers on domestic flights are not allowed to carry on liquids, which can be carried in your checked luggage though, in accordance with relevant packaging provisions.

2. The small amount cosmetics that can be carried with the passengers do not include shampoo, shower lotion, hair conditioner, depilatory paste, health & beauty cream, etc. Only one container of each cosmetic product can be carried with the passengers and the size should not exceed 100ml. The containers should be placed in an independent bag, and be opened/unsealed for inspection. If the size exceeds 100 ml, the container must be checked rather than be carried with the passengers no matter whether it is full or not.

3. Passengers with babies can apply for free liquid dairy product provided by airlines when buying the tickets. Essential liquid medicines for diabetic patients or other patients can be kept by aircrew after security check.

4. We don’t accept responsibility for passengers missing their planes due to violations of provisions above.


Waiting & Boarding:

After security check, you can go to the corresponding lounge in accordance with the boarding gate indicated in your boarding pass.

For smooth boarding, it is recommended that passengers arrive at their terminal 1.5 hours before departure Check-in service closes 30-45 minutes before departure.

Passengers with e-tickets can contact the airlines if they require an invoice for reimbursement.

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