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International Departures

Passenger Procedure International Departure from T3

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STEP1:Checking in

STEP2:Inspection & Quarantine

STEP3:Frontier Inspection

STEP4:Security Check

STEP5:Customs Inspection

STEP6:Waiting & Boarding


Confirming Terminal Building:

Please confirm the terminal building with the airport or the airline you fly with in advance.

Confirming Check-in Counter:

Please confirm if you carry any article that needs to be declared to the customs before checking in. If so, please fill in China Customs Declaration Form for Exit/Entry Passengers and submit to the customs counter between D&E check-in islands. (Except passengers who are exempted from customs inspection in accordance with relevant regulations, or accompanied minors under the age of 16.)

Outgoing passengers carrying articles below must truthfully fill in the Declaration Form and submit the articles to the Customs for inspection as required.

1.Cultural relics, endangered plants and animals and products of endangered plants and animals, biological species, noble metals such as gold and silver;

2.Photographic cameras, video cameras, portable computers and other personal articles carried by incoming resident passengers, which is worth more than RMB 5000;

3.More than RMB 20,000 in cash, or more than USD 5,000 or its equivalent in any other foreign currency;

4.Goods, samples and advertisements;

5.Other articles to be declared to the customs.


Inspection & Quarantine:

Chinese citizens going out of China for over one year are recommended to obtain a health certificate after physical examinations from relevant inspection and quarantine departments. If your destination happens to be an epidemic area, you are required to go through necessary vaccination procedures.

1.Outgoing passengers suffering from fever, vomiting, jaundice, diarrhea, acute rash, lymphadenopathy, AIDS, venereal disease, mental disorder or open tuberculosis should voluntarily report to the inspection and quarantine officials;

2.Chinese citizens applying for staying abroad for more than one year should show the inspection and quarantine officials valid health certificate (including HIV/AIDS test results) provided by the inspection and quarantine authority;

3.Passengers leaving for the endemic areas of yellow fever are required to show the inspection and quarantine officials valid proof of yellow fever vaccination;

4.Passengers carrying the following items shall report them to the inspection and quarantine officials: biological species, living animals, food made from animals, animal carcasses or specimens, plants and plant products, plant propagating materials, soil and microorganisms, human organism, biological products, blood and blood products.


Frontier Inspection:

Foreign passengers are required to show their passports, visas, and exit registration cards. They can only travel out of China within the time limit prescribed in their valid entry visas. The Chinese passengers (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) are required to show their passports and visas. If you have any certificates issued by relevant departments, allowing you to travel out of China, please show them promptly.


Security Check:

Please make sure that your boarding pass, flight ticket and passport are ready for security checks. You are required to pass through the security gate, while your carry-on luggage has to go through X-ray checks for flight safety. Thank you for your cooperation.


Customs Inspection:

Passengers with articles to declare must fill in China Customs Declaration Form for Exit/Entry Passengers and choose “Declaration Channel” (also named “Red Channel”) for Customs clearance; those without any article to declare have no need to fill in the declaration form and can choose the “Non-declaration channel” (also named “Green Channel”) for Customs clearance.



After Security Check, you can go to the corresponding waiting lounge in accordance with the boarding gate indicated in your boarding pass.


As the boarding generally starts 30 minutes or more before the takeoff, please pay attention to the broadcasting and flight information screen. Please get the boarding pass ready and show it to the personnel when boarding.


International Departure Procedure in T3 (Chart)

  • 144 hours
  • 第一届首都机场中国服务之星



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