Health certificates

All passengers suffering from fever, vomit, jaundice, diarrhea, acute rash, lymph gland swollen, AIDS/HIV infection, venereal disease, psychosis or open pulmonary tuberculosis are required to declare to the inspection and quarantine officials on their own;

Any Chinese citizen applying to stay abroad for more than one year should submit a valid health certificate with HIV test result to the inspection and quarantine officials, which has been issued by the inspection and quarantine authorities;

Any passenger going to a yellow fever-stricken area should submit a valid vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine officials;

Passengers who carry the following accompanied articles should declare to the inspection and quarantine officials: biological species resources, live animals, animal products, animal carcasses or specimen, plants and plant products, propagating materials for plants, soil, microbes, human tissues, biological products, blood or blood products.

Kind Reminders

Where to prepare International Certificate of Vaccination and International Health Certificate for Travelling Pet Owners:

Address: Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center, No. 20, Hepinglibei Street, Dongcheng Strict, Beijing

Postcode: 100013

Tel: (86-10) 64274239 Fax: (86-10) 6420220