List of articles prohibited from immigration

Articles prohibited from entering into China:

1. All varieties of weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition, and explosives;

2. Counterfeit currencies and counterfeit securities;

3. Prints, roll films, photos, disc, movies, tapes, video tape, computer storage media and other articles that impair the politics, economics, culture, and morals of China.

4. All varieties of strong poison;

5. Opium, morphine, heroin, Marijuana, and other highly addictive narcotic and psychoactive drugs;

6. Fresh fruits, eggplant vegetables, living animals (dogs and cats excluded), products made of animals and plants, pathogenic micro-organisms of animals and plants, insect pest and other harmful organisms, animal carcasses, soil, materials of transgenic organisms, relevant plants and animals in countries and regions where there is an epidemic, and products of such plants and animals, and other articles that require inspection;

7. Unsanitary foods, medicine or other articles; those imported from the epidemic area; and other foods or medicines that may produce or breed infectious diseases.