List of articles that need to be declared when being carried to China

Incoming passengers carrying any following articles should fill in Declaration Form and show articles to Customs for inspection and go through necessary formalities:

1. Animals and plants, and products made of animals and plants, micro-organism, biological products, human organism, blood products;

2. Articles worth more than RMB5000 (including 5000, same below) of personal use;

3. Articles worth more than RMB2000 that non-resident passengers intend to leave in China;

4. Alcohol (containing more than 12% alcohol) of a volume more than 1500 ml; more than 400 cigarettes; more than 100 cigars; more than 500 g cut tobacco;

5. More than RMB 20,000 in cash, or cash in foreign currency equivalent to more than 5000 US dollars;

6. Separately-transported baggage, goods, samples of goods, advertisements;

7. Other articles to be declared to the Customs