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International to Domestic

Passenger Procedure International to Domestic from T2

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STEP1:Flight Arrival

STEP2:Inspection & Quarantine, Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection

STEP3:Customs Inspection

STEP4:Baggage Claim

STEP5:Going through Transfer Formalities

STEP6: Waiting & Boarding


Flight Arrivals

After entering the terminal building, please consult transfer counter or airport staff for your need to transfer in other terminals.

Kind Reminders

If you need to transfer between different terminals, please consult transfer counter or airport staff, and take the transfer shuttle bus to the other terminal.


Inspection & Quarantine

Incoming passengers having diseases such as fever, vomit, jaundice, diarrhea, acute rash, lymphadenopathy, AIDS, venereal disease, mental disorder or open tuberculosis should initiatively report to the inspection and quarantine officials;

Passengers coming from the endemic areas of yellow fever are required to show the inspection and quarantine officials a valid prevention and vaccination certificate of yellow fever;

The Chinese citizens living abroad over one year should take the medical examination at the HIV/AIDS surveillance ports established by inspection and quarantine departments; or get the HIV/AIDS test application form and take the medical examination at the port inspection and quarantine departments or hospitals above the county level in one month.

Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection

Foreign passengers should complete Entry Registration Cards and submit it together with valid passports and visas to Station of Frontier Exit and Entry Inspection for inspection.

The Chinese passengers should possess valid passport.


Customs Inspection:

If you take accompanied articles that must be declared to the customs, you should complete China Customs Declaration Form for Baggage of Incoming/Outgoing Passengers and choose “GOODS TO DECLARE” Channel (also known as Red Channel) otherwise it is unnecessary for you to complete such form, but just follow “NOTHING TO DECLARE” Channel (also known as Green Channel) (except those exempted from customs inspection and supervision in accordance with relevant regulations, or those passengers under the age of 16 who are traveling with adults): Entry passengers carrying any of the following articles should report truthfully in the "Declaration form" and hand in the related articles for the certification of the customs, and transact the relevant procedures: For outgoing passengers, the following articles must be declared faithfully in the Declaration Form, and they should submit declaration form to the customs for check and handling relevant procedures:

1. Animals & plants and their products, microorganism, bio-products, human tissues, blood products;

2. Self-prepared articles acquired abroad by resident passengers, with a total value exceeding RMB 5,000 (or equal to RMB 5,000, similarly hereinafter);

3. Articles to be left in China by a non-resident passenger, with a total value exceeding RMB 2,000;

4. Over 1,500ml alcoholic drinks (alcoholic content is more than 12 degrees), over 400 cigarettes, over 100 cigars or over 500g tobacco shred;

5. More than 20,000 RMB cashes or a kind of foreign currency with an amount exceeding US$ 5,000 after converted into US dollar;

6. Separately-shipped baggage, goods, samples and advertisement works;

7. Other articles required for customs declaration.

8. Animal and Plant Quarantine. If necessary, please undergo spot-check of animal and plant quarantine.


Check-in Luggage

Please check in at the corresponding check-in counter with flight ticket and valid ID; check your luggage and obtain boarding pass.

Kind Reminders

Restrictions on Carry-on Luggage:

Total weight of carry-on luggage should be within 5kg. The size of each luggage should be within 20 x 40 x 55cm. (Be aware that some airlines may have their own size or weight restrictions.)

If the luggage fits in the hand luggage measuring container on the security checkpoint, it can be carried along with the passenger. Otherwise, it needs to be checked.

Restrictions on Free Check-in Luggage

First Class—40kg; Business Class—30kg; Economy Class—20kg.


Transfer Procedures

Confirming Terminal Building:

Please confirm the terminal building with the airport or the airline you fly with in advance.

Confirming Check-in Counter:

Please check flight information screens for the check-in counter of your flight and other information before you check in.


Please use the e-ticket check-in machine if necessary.

Passengers should take the Free Terminal Shuttle to transfer between terminals


Waiting & Boarding

Domestic Departure Procedures

Please refer to the Domestic Departure Procedure in Terminal 2.


International Arrival Procedure in T2(Chart)

  • 144 hours
  • 第一届首都机场中国服务之星



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