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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Company consists of eleven directors, including three executive directors, four non-executive directors and four independent non-executive directors. Directors shall be elected at the shareholders' general meeting for a term of three years. Upon the expiry of the term, a director shall be eligible for re-election.

The board of directors shall be responsible to the shareholders' general meeting and shall exercise the following powers and duties:

1. to be responsible for convening shareholders' general meeting and to report on its work to the shareholders' general meeting;

2. to implement resolutions of the shareholders' general meeting;

3. to determine the business plans and investment proposals of the Company;

4. to prepare the annual financial budgets and final accounts of the Company;

5. to prepare plans for profit distribution and plans for making up losses for the Company;

6. to formulate the Company's borrowing and financial policies, proposals for the increase in and reduction of registered capital and the issue of bonds of the Company;

7. to formulate proposals for major acquisitions or disposals and for the merger, division and dissolution of the Company;

8. to decide on the internal management structure of the Company;

9. to appoint or dismiss the manager and to appoint or dismiss the deputy manager, the financial officer upon nominations from the manager and to determine their remuneration;

10. to set up the basic management systems of the Company, including the financial management and personnel management systems;

11. to formulate proposals for amendments of the Articles of Association;

12. other powers conferred by the shareholders' general meeting and the Articles of Association of the Company.

The committee of the Board sets four sub-committees, including the nomination committee, the remuneration and evaluation committee, the audit and risk management committee and the strategy committee. About the compositions and duties of these committees please see the recent annual report and related announcements of the Company.


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