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Supervisory Committee

The supervisory committee comprises of five members. One of the Supervisors shall act as the chairman of the committee. The term of office for the shareholders’ representative supervisors and independent supervisors shall be three years and they shall be eligible for re-election.

The supervisory committee shall exercise the following powers and duties:

1. to examine the financial affairs of the Company;

2. to supervise the conduct of the directors, manager and other senior management officers of the Company to see whether they violate any laws, administrative regulations or the Articles of Association in performing the duties of the Company;

3. to require the directors, managers and other senior management officers of the Company to rectify their acts which are prejudicial to the interests of the Company;

4. to verify the financial information such as financial reports, business reports and profits distribution plans submitted by the board of directors to the shareholders' general meeting; where any query arises, the financial information shall be referred to a certified public accountant or certified auditor appointed in the name of the Company to re-examine the same;

5. to propose the convening of extraordinary general meeting;

6. to represent the Company in negotiating with any directors or taking legal proceedings against the directors;

7. Other powers and duties provided in the Articles of Association of the Company.


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