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Information of H shares and the Corporate Bonds

The Company issued H shares initially on 27 January 2000 and such shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 1 February 2000. The code of H Shares: 00694.
On 3 February 2010, the Company issued the 2010 Corporate Bonds of Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited, including Rmb1.9bn with term of five years and Rmb3bn with term of seven years. The Codes of Corporate Bonds: 122047(for five years) and 122048(for seven years). These Corporate Bonds were listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on 10 March 2010.
The information released to the shareholders was also released on, the website of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for information disclosure and IRASIA:
The information released to the debt investors was also released on, the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange.



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