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    Registrar and Transfer Office of BCIA?

    Hong Kong Registrars Limited

    1712-1716, 17th Floor

    Hopewell Centre

    183 Queen’s Road East

    Wanchai, Hong Kong

    Dividend policy of BCIA?

    The Board of the company decide dividend policy depending upon the fund requirements for development of the company’s business annually. Since its listing, the company has maintained stable dividend policy, about 50% of net profits as dividends.

      dividend(RMB) proportion of net profits
    2000 0.04070 32.4%
    2001 0.04942 47.4%
    2002 0.07162 54.4%
    2003 0.05298 51.9%
    2004 0.08989 46.1%
    2005 0.11297 47.8%
    2006 0.12757 46.5%
    What is the operation capacity of Beijing Airport after the construction of Phase III project?

    Beijing Airport is currently operating above-capacity. At present, the passenger throughput had already exceeded the design capacity of 35,000,000 annual passenger throughput. Upon completion of the construction of the Phase III Project, Beijing Airport will then be able to handle total 1,800,000 tonnes cargo throughput per annum and an additional 43,000,000 passenger throughput which could in turn alleviate to a large extent of the existing above-capacity operation of the Beijing Airport.

    Information of Phase III project of Beijing Airport?

    In order to meet the increasing aviation demands due to the economic development of Beijing area as well as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the requirements of international hub airport, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the Phase III project of Beijing Airport in 2004. The total investment for the Phase III project is approximately RMB25 billion. The construction of Phase III project is started from March 2004 and expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

    The Phase III Project represents the extension to the existing airport facilities of the Beijing Airport, which is currently operated by the Company, and includes the construction of new T3 with an area of approximately 902,000 square metres and a 2.5 kilometres driverless train system. The new runway of the Phase III Project is 3,800 metres long and 60 metres wide, which could accommodate the take-offs and landing of all types of aircraft including Airbus A380. The Phase III Project also includes a newly built North cargo handling area, supporting transportation system, water supply system, electricity supply system and gas supply system, within the premises of the enlarged Beijing Airport. In line with the construction of Phase III Project, Beijing Municipal government had commenced the supporting infrastructure construction, including three expressways and one light-rail railway which will enhance the transportation between the Beijing Airport area and urban area of Beijing.

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