Issues concerning carrying liquid articles during domestic flights

Issues concerning carrying liquid articles during domestic flights

1. Only a small amount of cosmetics (shampoo and body shampoo excluded) intended for personal travelling use, one bottle for each variety, is allowed to be carried onto the plane; moreover, the volume of each container must be limited within 100 ml. All should be placed in an independent bag, and be opened/unsealed for inspection. Pay attention to the following item when you prepare for journeys:

- If the cosmetics are not to be used during the flight, please put them in the check-in Baggage.

- If a cosmetic container is larger than 100 ml, please change it into one smaller than 100 ml, or put it in the check-in Baggage.

- In case the cosmetic is intended as a gift and not to be unsealed, please put it in the check-in Baggage, since all carry-on cosmetics must be opened for inspection.

- Alcohol drinks are prohibited to be taken as a carry-on, and must be put in the check-in Baggage.

2. If you have a baby around, please report it to the airline company when you are buying the tickets, and the company will offer liquid dairy products for free. As liquid dairy products are not prohibited among the carry-on, please put them in the check-in Baggage, or dispose them yourself before receiving security inspection.

3. Diabetes sufferers or other patients may carry necessary liquid products with them, such as liquid medicine and liquid sugar-free food, but only in a dosage just enough for the use during the flight. A certificate provided by either a hospital or a doctor is required in such a case.

4. Passengers who are transferring from international flight to domestic flight, and meanwhile carrying duty-free liquid articles bought abroad, should put the liquid within a sealed, unimpaired, transparent bag, and show the shopping voucher. In case that the bag holding the sealed liquid article is impaired, or no shopping voucher is available, you will not be allowed to take domestic flights, unless the volume and category of your liquid article comply with relevant regulations of domestic flights.

5. Passengers having any liquid articles that out of the above cases and are indefinable, should put them in the check-in Baggage.