How to quickly pass the security inspection?

How to quickly pass the security inspection?

1. In order to keep you from unnecessary inconvenience or economic loss, please peruse relevant regulations before a journey, and strictly comply with the requirements stipulated.

2. Please try to keep things not to be used during the flight in the check-in Baggage. As for things forbidden to be taken on the plane, please leave them home, and never try to put them in the check-in or carry-on Baggage, nor carry them with you.

3. In case you have exceedingly large, long or heavy articles, please consult corresponding airline company beforehand.

4. Before receiving certificate inspection at passenger security inspection area, please get your boarding pass, ticket (those holding electronic tickets excluded) and valid boarding certificates, and pass them to relevant personnel for inspection.

5. Please take the liquid articles out of your carry-on, and remove any metal products (such as cell phones, keys and watches), before receiving the personal security inspection.

6. Please be assured that the security inspection of every single passenger is for the security sake of all passengers; your active cooperation is expected. Your safety is our utmost concern.

7. If there is still any question, please call the Capital Airport Inquiry Hotline at 010-96158.