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Baggage Wrapping


Baggage Wrapping


Generally speaking, cartons must be packed with plastic belt, while soft bags must be locked. Any baggage to be checked in must be well packed, locked and fastened well, which can sustain a certain pressure and can be loaded unloaded and shipped under normal operating conditions. Passenger can decide on whether to pack his/her baggage with plastic belt.

Price List for Baggage Packing Services
 Type of service Photo  Specification (mm)  Unit price (RMB)  Remarks
 Packing belt      15.00  
 Packing film      50.00  Baggage stickers and film cutter available for free
 Type of service Photo  Specification (mm)  Unit price (RMB)  Remarks
 Small carton    300*180*180  10.00  
 Large carton    500*350*300  25.00 One handle available for free
 Bubble film    1200*600  10.00/piece You may choose to use the film inside or outside the carton or suitcase according to the fragility of your articles
 Air column bag    4000*22 effective columns/3000*28 effective columns  20.00/piece Half price on second piece. No discount on a single piece
 Baggage handle      5.00  
 Portable packing belt    4000  20.00  
 Widened and thickened packing belt    4000  40.00  
 Cross packing belt with a customs lock    3800  160.00  
 Single-loop packing belt with a coded lock      40.00  
 Fastening belt      60.00  
 Customs lock    Four-digit password  70.00  
Service packages
 Type of service  Photo  Unit price (RMB) Contents of service package
 Large carton package    40.00 One large carton + one time of packing belt service + one handle (the handle is for free)
 Small carton package for cosmetics    35.00 One small carton + one air column bag + one time of packing belt service + one handle (the small carton is for free)

Note: we will provide free-based packing service with a free small cardboard box (300mm*180mm*180mm) if passengers only need to pack alcoholic beverages and cosmetics.

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