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Baggage Wrapping


Baggage Wrapping


Generally speaking, cartons must be packed with plastic belt, while soft bags must be locked. Any baggage to be checked in must be well packed, locked and fastened well, which can sustain a certain pressure and can be loaded unloaded and shipped under normal operating conditions. Passenger can decide on whether to pack his/her baggage with plastic belt.

Packing Tape: RMB10 per piece of luggage

Wrapping Film: RMB30 per piece of luggage

Luggage Strap (400mm): RMB20 each

Small Cardboard Box (300mm*180mm*180mm): RMB10 each

Large Cardboard Box (500mm*350mm*300mm): RMB15 each

Bubble Wrap (120mm*60mm): RMB10 each

Handle (225mm *35mm): RMB5 each

Note: we will provide free-based packing service with a free small cardboard box (300mm*180mm*180mm) if passengers only need to pack alcoholic beverages and cosmetics.

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