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Passenger Service Pledge of Beijing Capital International Airport

To fulfill requirements of Civil Airports Management Regulation, Beijing Capital Int’l Airport Co., Ltd. joins hands with members of Capital Airport Passenger Satisfaction Promotion Committee in establishing passenger service commitment and accept supervision from the public with the goal of continuously improving service quality.


No. Passenger flow Pledge contents


Domestic Check-in

Queuing & processing time less than 10 minutes for 95% passengers.


International Check-in

Queuing & processing time less than 20 minutes for 95% passengers.


Self-service Check-in

Queuing time less than 8 minutes for all self-service check-in passengers.


Security Check

Queuing time less than 8 minutes for 95% passengers.


Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Inspection

Immigration inspection processing time less than 45 seconds except further inspection.


Customs clearance less than 3 minutes except further inspection.


Arrival quarantine check less than 1 minute (except further inspection or contingency plan taken by State Administration).


Ground Transportation

Departure interval for all Airport Shuttle Bus lines less than 30 minutes
During Peak Hours Intervals for :
Airport Shuttle Bus lines for Xidan and Fangzhuang less than 20 minutes
Airport Shuttle Bus lines for Zhongguancun and Gongzhufen less than 15 minute
Airport Shuttle Bus line for Beijing Railway Station less than 15 minutes
All buses will depart once fully loaded.
(Remark: The interval time will be counted according to the originating station.)


Waiting time for Vehicles entering and exiting parking lot less than 3 minutes under normal circumstances for 95% passengers.


Round the clock free inter-terminal shuttle bus, departure interval less than 10 minutes from 6 am to 23pm,otherwise departure interval less than 30 minutes.


Waiting time for Airport express train less than 12 minutes under normal circumstances.



T3 Automated People Mover average departure interval less than 3 minutes from 6 am to 24pm.



Trolleys should be in adequate supply and rationally distributed. They are free of charge and should be convenient and 100% available for passengers.



All foods and commodities with clear price tag. Full-price commodities in the airport retail boutiques and food chain restaurants should keep the same price and quality with shops in downtown.


Refund or exchange guarantee within 30 days after purchase (Discount and Special Products Not Applicable)


Round-the-clock restaurant, convenience store and vending machine provided.


Complaints and Inquiries

24 Hours Service Inquiry and Supervision Telephone Provided.
(Airport: 010-64541100, Air China: 4008-100-999, China Southern: 95539, China Eastern: 95530, Hainan Airlines: 0898-66709315)


24 Hours Complaints Processing. Initial contact within 1 working day, Solution Feedback within 10 working days after the receipt of the complaint.


Flight Delay Service

During severe weather, airport and airlines will timely announce weather forecast made by meteorological stations through various channels.


When a flight is delayed for more than 30 minutes, airlines will display flight information every 30 minutes, including the reason of delay and scheduled time of flight.


When a flight is delayed or canceled for more than one hour, airlines should timely notify passengers through their contact information provided.


During large-scale flight delay, the airport will provide dynamic flight information and the operational support through Flight Information Display Screen and Public Address System every 15 minutes.


Featured Services

Free wheelchairs, free concierge and check-in assistance for elderly, weak, sick, handicapped and pregnant passengers.
Reservation Service for Group Passenger Security or Immigration Channel.
(Reservation Number for T1&T2: 010-64595837, Reservation Number for T3: 010-64558747)



Staff Service

All staff working at Beijing Capital Int’l Airport will undertake the responsibility to complete any inquiry, making 100% response to any passenger inquiry and providing passengers with the service smilingly and assisting passengers in problem-solving.


Declaration: Above-mentioned commitments are in the scope of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport and the related Committee members. In extreme or contingency cases, or when implementing the related emergency tasks required by the State Administration, it is possible that some of the commitments cannot be fulfilled. If such cases, Beijing Capital Int’l Airport and the Committee members will take every effective measures to minimize the inconvenience caused thereof.

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