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Garage No. 2


Garage No. 2

Parking garage No. 2 is located in front of T2. It covers an area of 170,000㎡ with a total of 4282 parking spaces, including 153 big ones, 23 medium-sized ones and 20for the disabled. Parking garage No. 2 has two over ground floors and four underground floors. It has 16 exits and 16 entries in total with two exits and two entries on F2, and super-high minibuses may enter through Exit No.6 on F1 while large-sized bus may enter from F2. Timed Parking at F2/F1/B1. Long-term Parking at B2/B3/B4.

Charge Standards
Charge Standard of Capital Airport Parking Garage T2(F2\F1\B1 floor) Discount for long-term(more than 8 hours) parking(B2\B3\B4 floor)
parking length
charge standard
vehicle type
small-sized vehicles
(less than 19 seats)
Large-sized vehicles (more than 19 seats) parking length
charge standard
vehicle type
small-sized vehicles
(less than 19 seats)
Large-sized vehicles (more than 19 seats)
First Entry
within 24 Hours
Two or More Entries
within 24 Hours
Within 30 minutes 0 RMB 5 RMB 5 Everyday RMB 80.00 RMB 160/Day
(Is limited to F1/F2 )
30-60 minutes RMB 6 RMB 5 RMB 5
every 30 minutes afterwards RMB 5 RMB 5 RMB 10
1. Those that park for less than half an hour will be charged as parking for half an hour;
2. Price Monitoring Hotline: 12358; 
3. Service supervision number: 0086-10-64535811.
1. Long-term Parking means parking for over 8 consecutive hours;
2. Please make sure to park your vehicle at a long-term parking zone (B2/B3/B4) as the preferential rate would not apply in the timed parking zones;
3. Capital Airport reserves the rights for adjustment of the discount prices.
Kind Reminders

1. VIP card holders can enjoy preferential discount.

(1) VIP Year Card : RMB 8,990/year;

(2) VIP Season Card : RMB 2,690/season;

(3) Parking Area: Card is accepted at: Capital Airport Parking Lot #1, Parking Garage #2, Parking Garage #3, and Parking Lot #5 (Corporate parking area not included );

(4) VIP Year Card Fees include card costs, Season Card fees not included.

2. Address of the Card Application Office and service number

(1) Card Application Office in the middle of the exit on Floor 1 of Parking Garage No. 2.

Service Number:0086-10- 64595468 (8:00 – 17:00); 0086-10-64535815 (17:00 – 8:00).

4. For other details, please refer to signed agreements.

  • 144 hours
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